Call Center Today is a training and consulting group dedicated to creating the best performance-driven inside sales and customer
service call center departments for your organization.

  • Build new inside sales & service centers
  • Telephone sales and service scripts
  • Inside sales and customer service phone skills training
  • Call Center management development
  • Redesign of existing contact centers
  • Sound of the center quality call evaluation

Call Center Today works with amazing companies. Our clients have done it all - from manufacturing products we use each day, to creating and distributing products and solutions that revolutionize industry. Through it all, our clients help people and business to become more successful. And they accomplish this in large part through inside sales and customer service. That is where we come in. Our training and consulting supports the best within inside sales and customer service centers. Truly inspired and productive performance.

Our Value Proposition

The Call Center Today team are experts at creating a nurturing and engaging relationship with clients. Our goals are to provide productive inside sales and customer service training, memorable call center management expertise for long-term results, and high-performance inside sales and customer service results. Top organizations recognize Call Center Today as a special consulting partner when customer service and inside sales departments need to be transformed to best in class.




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