A Call Center Manager Shares One Tip About Call Center Technology

A Call Center Manager Shares One Tip About Call Center Technology

So often, companies on-board a new call center phone system, with excitement.  So many features, and lots of way to help customers and team members become more productive.  But, over-time, the day to day life of a call center manager gets in the way.  And, some of those gorgeous features are forgotten.  Even when implemented, many of those features are not used well.  And, that new call center phone system that your company enjoys becomes an expensive tool that is not providing all the benefits it should.  So, without worrying about everything that might be used, we want to share a tip about one feature that should be utilized. That is the coach-feature.

The coach-feature scares supervisors and on the phone talent.  Meaning, supervisors do not want to talk into the phone to the phone talent in case the talent gets distracted.  And, phone talent is freaked out getting instruction in their ear while they speak with the customer.  But, after 1 try, everyone tends to settle down. The actual interaction can be amazing for supervisor, phone talent, and customer.  In the coach-feature, only the supervisor and the phone talent hear one another.  The supervisor can coach and speak freely.  The phone talent can follow direction.  This is an amazing tool for on-boarding new team members.  And, ensuring the customer enjoys a really nice experience.  Best of all, it is no different than what newscasters hear in their ears from producers; or what sports announcers hear in their ears from directors.  Producers and Directors speak freely to newscasters, providing updates and direction while the talent is live.  That is what happens here.

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