Three Tips For The Work At Home Call Center Supervisor

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Three Tips For The Work At Home Call Center Supervisor

Among the challenges a call center supervisor faces is maintaining connection with each team member.  This is especially true when both supervisor and CSR work at home.  Here are three tips that do make an impact to performance, culture, identity, and brand between the call center supervisor and the CSR.

  1. Be certain to emphasize personal communication, in some fashion, to each member of your team
    each day. A note, “hello”, stat sheet, prize, announcement, email, voice mail, letter, or
    virtual hello works well.  Using IM, Microsoft Teams, Email or Text works great.
  2. Establish minimum goal standards with each agent and supervisor at the beginning of each month.
    Give them structure. Outline a plan.  Letting your team know you are watching is important.  Take the pie chart from your phone system and paste it into an email, or IM, or chat.  They will see their numbers – and they know you are paying attention, too.
  3. Give an answer to every question asked of you. Respond to every written action item
    directed to you.  When they email or IM you, give them a tap back.  It will teach them to respond immediately when you, or a customer, does the same thing.

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