Call Center Phone Systems

It is way past time to say goodbye to your on premise call center phone system.  Your old-time phone system is like using dial-up service for Internet!  And, the only people who suffer from your on-its-last-leg system are your customers, your potential customers, and your team members.  Call Center Technology systems are super-amazing.  They can help your company foster a strong relationship via channels like voice, text, web chat, email, and social.  We learn about your business – whiteboard with you exactly what you want – and then we get you the right system at the right price.  Overall, our clients are amazed by technology they didn’t think was ready to go. It is.  Such as real-time dashboards, performance alerts, VIP call routing for premier customers, call prompts based on phrases during the call, real-time surveys, call match delivered to the right agents on the phone, auto call-backs at a time convenient for the customer, video conferencing, and more.  Seriously, we will get you a call center phone system that is fresh, amazing and clears out the chaos and confusion.  You will love it!


Development of Contact Centers

We pride ourselves on delivering superb services and results while blending common-sense practices with highly inventive and versatile solutions. Some of the key programs that Call Center Today delivers include:

  • Management of Contact Center Operations
  • Evaluate packages to assess inside sales & service call centers
  • Develop management for infrastructure and performance
  • Assist build of new and existing contact centers– process
  • Technology, dialer, IVR and CRM recommendations
  • Facilitate training and supervision of in-house contact centers
  • Facilitate training and supervision of third-party center partners
  • Hiring staff, job descriptions, staffing, and compensation
  • Drive performance via vendor supervision of third-party centers


Relationship Building With Customers

  • Outbound follow-up calls for appointment sales to prospects
  • Referral optimization package and renewals package
  • Customer feedback program
  • Customer service program – intentional listening for up-sells
  • Appointment setting program – cold outbound calls to prospects
  • Program to follow-up and close sales with leads field didn’t close
  • Win-back sales program and save-the-sale programs
  • Seasonal campaigns
  • Follow-up on aged leads
  • Treasure sales team – listen to calls and opportunities, follow up
  • Cross-sell programs – adding more services to existing clients


Sales and Service Phone Skills Training

Call Center Today will develop and deliver inside sales and service effectiveness skills training to your management team and on-the-phone team members. This includes writing scripts, designing script charts, and designing training to make the scripts pop. The training will be custom-designed for your organization and based specifically on what your team members require related to service and sales skills effectiveness training.

  • Sound of the Center quality listening to calibrate performance
  • Outbound and inbound sales and service script writing
  • Sales and Service Training to improve phone presentations
  • Technology, dialer, IVR and CRM recommendations
  • Develop inside sales programs for up-sell, win-back, save sale
  • Define service as vehicle to sell products and deliver brand equity